5 Core Areas of Growth


academic enrichment

Our Academic Enrichment is designed to increase literacy and other academic skills. Most of our curriculum meets the California common core standards in English, Math, and science. Your child will practice these areas throughout the session, and even at home. There are even study materials on our members login!  


physical fitness

During class, students are always on the move. Whether it's through formal instruction, game playing, or horse activity, students are kept active and explore healthier options. 


character building

We teach leadership, community involvement, respect for animals and nature, respect for others, and theirselves so that they may be productive members of our community. Our  program allows for students to be comfortable and encourages them to explore and be unique, building self esteem.


equestrian skills

a great part of being an equestrian does not just come from riding, but from academics and horse care as well.  your child will also learn to care for horses including grooming, leading, and stabling.
As they advance, students will be given the opportunity to join the CJE competition team and show in horse events.



CJE's volunteers have experience mentoring youth and can provide guidance in school, colleges, riding, and more. The Compton Cowboys and alumni of the old program CJP are currently serving as mentors. We encourage continuing a cycle of mentorship and giving back. It really does take a village for our youth the be successful. 

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