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afterschool program


Academic Enrichment

  • Homework Assistance

  • Equine Science

  • Reading​




  • Horse care

  • Stabling

  • Riding


  • Gardening

  • Hydroponics

  • Composting

  • Bee keeping

  • Fitness

Healthy & Substainable Living


Teens Workforce Training

  • hands on work experience & internships

  • mentorship 

  • resume, interview, and financial literacy workshops

Please read requirements prior to applying by clicking here

Click here to meet our Star Horses!

2022 Schedule

Monday through Wednesday 3pm-6pm

  • 3pm-4pm is optional, but encouraged for homework 

  • 4pm-6pm is mandatory. During this time the students will learn required core areas of gardening, horsemanship, and reading/equine science

  • Must attend 2-3 days per week

To account for those who commute, 4:15pm is the latest arrival time. However, riding time may be reduced. 

Pay below after enrollment confirmation

Tuition is on a sliding scale ranging $75-$225 per month

Payments are due each Thursday before the start of the next month your child will be attending. Ex: Payment for January 2022 will be due Thursday, December 30th 

CJE Merch + Tuition Fees

cje hoodie.png
coco image dia de los muertos.jpg

                             Materials Needed

1. Minimum Half gallon reusable water bottle

-must be filled each day with water

-must bring filled each day

-if water is not provided, your child will have to be seated for that day

-CJE does not have a sustainable water source other than the water hose which we will not drink from

-must label your child's water bottle with permanent maker or permanent label


2. Healthy Snacks (if arriving before 3:30pm)

-snack time will take place between 3pm-3:30pm

-if your child arrives after 3:30pm, ensure they have their snack before arriving because there will not be time for it later since the schedule will be filled with activity

-CJE DOES NOT PROVIDE SNACK ANYMORE (except for a special event)

- we strongly urge you to feed your child a healthy snack before arriving, as being outdoors will likely make them hungrier than usual 



3. 3 ring binder


-plastic cover on front

-1 inch


4. Dividers for binder

-only need 3 dividers from the pack (equine science, agriculture, journal)

5. Paddock/Riding/Work boots (must have slight heel)

-needs to be waterproof 

-see example here. can be found on amazon, chewy, ariat, etc

6. CJE Tshirt ($20) order online in the store section next to tuition

Winter Materials

 In addition to the above, during the colder months also bring the following items. We strongly urge you to shop at goodwill/thrift as items will get very dirty and smelly.

1. beanie

2. gloves

3. riding gloves

4. thick winter jacket

5. chapstick

6. scarf

7. leggings to go under pants

(winter it gets very cold being outdoors so please begin working on the materials above)



  • Street parking is by permit only so park at your own risk if  you choose to do so

  • If you choose to park on the street, do not park in front of 457 or 463

  • Park on the gravel lawns of either 463 or 457 (pull in forward and allow adequate space for other cars beside you)

  • Do not park in driveways

Submit the interest form here to sign up. Our program coordinator will notify you with more details. 

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