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CJE: English Competitive Team

The English component of our program dedicated to our advanced riders who have chosen to branch off into the discipline of English riding.
Lead by Victoria Faerber, a dedicated and excellent trainer of Compton Jr. Posse. She has trained many riders who go on to compete and earn medals and championships. Her passion for youth, horses, and the vision of unity shine through in her work. In 2021, CJE: Riders United was created, forming a more powerful team. 

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Adrina Player


"Riding is fun and the connection with the horse is like none other. It soothes my spirit and calms my mind. I plan to continue riding and training with Victoria and Rider's United so I can complete my goal of being the first African American female to win in the Olympics."

Adrina Player is a 14-year-old rider who currently shows in the .65m divisions thanks to assistance from Compton Junior Equestrians and Riders United. Based out of Thousand Oaks, California, Compton Junior Equestrians and Riders United evolved out of Compton Junior Posse (CJP), a former inner-city riding group designed to introduce urban youth to the world of horses. Riders United is one of only a few programs in the U.S. designed to provide minority riders of all ages and from many different socioeconomic backgrounds, the educational groundwork of horsemanship, and the opportunities to compete in the show ring. The program at Riders United emphasizes the appreciation of what makes each individual unique, sharing the passion of horses with those from all walks of life, strengthening the physical and mental well-being of both rider and horse, and proving that anything is possible through the power of optimism and humanitarian values.

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Zoie Brogdan

My name is Zoie Noelle Brogdon. I am a junior in high school and my favorite hobby is drawing. I especially love to sketch and paint. However, my passion is riding horses. When I graduate high school, I want to attend college and ride on their Division 1 equestrian team. I currently ride in the jumper arena at 1.20m and occasionally in the equitation arena when I am able to catch ride. My riding goals for 2022 are to perfect my equitation and compete at the 1.30m jumper level. My biggest riding accomplishment and proudest moment happened recently - I won the individual gold medal at the USHJA Zone 9 & 10 Team Jumper Championships at Thermal (1.10m – 1.15m Children’s), and the following week I won Reserve Champion at The Las Vegas National (1.10m – 1.15m Children’s). My first time on a horse was at Griffith Park when I was 3. However, after a 2 week long summer riding camp when I was 7, the camp instructor told my mom that riding horses was my thing. And she was right! Luckily my parents found Compton Jr. Posse where my riding career truly developed.


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Morganne Craig

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“To instill courage in yourself is to first always believe in yourself and what your abilities are. 

For example, when I compete, I don’t think about competing against those other individuals, I think about competing within myself and each time that helps me become a stronger and more confident rider. 

Also, whether I get a blue ribbon or a green ribbon, I’m still a winner. Regardless, I am grateful to have horses in my life”.


Hi my name is Paris Scott. I am 16 years old and of course I love riding horses. I have been riding ever since I was 6 years old and completely fell in love with it and then soon fell in love with the sport called show jumping. I took a long break due to major health issues and surgeries that I needed done but now I am back and better than ever. Even though I still deal with my health issues and my autoimmune disease, I don’t allow my fears of my health concerns to take over. I once heard a quote “Fear is only a reason to try harder” and I use that quote to motivate me everyday. I have many goals I want to accomplish when it comes to not only my riding career but also my future. I am happy to say that one of my short term goals has been accomplished which was to join the CJE show jumping team. I am proud to say that I am one of the newest members. Another short term goal I accomplished was being able to teach people from child to adult all that I know about horses from how to care for them to how to ride them. Just from teaching them at the CJE facility in Compton I also learn much as well. I learn about myself, about my students, and they teach me things that I didn’t even know and I absolutely love it. For a somewhat long term goal, I plan to go to UC Davis, ride for their team, and also study to become a vet. A definite long term goal is to become a CEO of my own Vet facility and business and definitely compete in the olympics for show jumping. I love what I do from teaching to riding and hope to be proof that no matter what you go through in life, you can accomplish anything as long as you put in the dedication, show the passion, and do the hard work. 

Paris Scott

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