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Monthly Tuition Fees are on a sliding scale based on income, need, and availability. Documentation must be provided to qualify. All participants must have great attendance and attend at least 3 days per week. 

After School Program

Tier A. Extremely low income: $75 per month 


Tier B. Very low income: $125 per month


Tier C. Low income: $175 per month


Tier D. Moderate income: $225 per month 

Families who are not paying out of pocket (ex through school vending services and other such sponsors) will be not qualify pay reduced to fees above. The typical price is $400 per month, still well below market price. ​

Day Camp
$25 reduced fee for all levels of low income per day (1 hour)

$40 moderate income per day (1 hour)

Note: after adding items to cart you may edit the quantity. Prices are for each visitor. 
no refunds

Field Trips

$20 per person

English Team


You must be an advanced rider, assessed by our instructor, and meet other eligibility requirements to be admitted into our English Program.