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I am a very fast pony who loves western riding. But, I dabble in English as well. I'm a bit sensitive to the

touch, so it doesn't take much to get me going.

The adventurous kids love taking a ride with me! 

Some say I'm the fastest in the west, but rumor has it Koda and Sugar Foot might outpace me soon. 

We'll see if they can earn that title!

If  you're looking for the lead mare of the crew, look no further. I like to think that I run the show around here. 

I like to test my riders, to see who is truly worthy. I don't mean you any harm, but I have spunk and like to live in the fast lane with my boy Sunny! Don't tell him, I let him win at our last race.



You may have noticed, I am a little bit on the short side of the height spectrum. 

So, it's no coincidence that the Mini's love me. I'm your guy and love being loved.

My best gal is Sugarfoot. We look out for one another.

But, make no mistake I stand my ground and can fend for myself. Don't let the cuteness of long locks fool you!

I know it's hard to believe with my enormous size, but I'm the baby of the family. I just turned 3 years old and am still learning the ropes. Brusky has been teaching me a lot and we've grown really close, so if we're apart for too long I get a little nervous. I'm quite protective over him and we make quite the pair.

I do like to play around, and can come off as to rough for some. I'm still learning my size and strength, but give me a couple years and I'll be top notch.

Before you shout my name, please get it right. It's Helio, meaning sun. I'm a pretty big guy, but no need to fear.

I used to jump, dance, and be quite active back in my youth. Now I'm working toward retirement and like to take things slow. As long as you treat me right, we will be perfect together. 

They call me Cupcake (mama likes to call me Sailor Moon).

I guess I'm kind of sweet, I am a southern bell afterall.

I am a family gal, and am welcoming in mare named Hellcat that 'hails' from my hometown in Texas.

I am all about manners and respect. If you're too rough, I am known to react. If you come to me correct, I am much obliged to take you for a ride.  


My name precedes my reputation. I'm quite the catch. That's just a fact.  But don't get the wrong impression. I'm not conceited...totally.

I'm pretty new here and am settling in quite well.

I'm trying to befriend Koda and the rest of the gang. Cupcake seems more open to being gal pals.  We're from the same town.

The more you get to know me, you'll see I am loyal and look forward to  the journey.


My given name is Carmelita, but I go by Candi. I was raised quite spoiled, so I won't really break a sweat for you (sorry, not sorry). I am great for beginners and the Minis who like a slower ride.   For you fast pace folks, inquire about the gentleman Sunny. I like to smell the roses. Good luck getting me past a walk! My comrade Helio certainly agrees!

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