To build good character, increase academic achievement, and lifelong success through equestrian based learning. 

 Compton Jr. Equestrians was developed to serve inner city youth in the hub city of Compton, along with local areas. It was formed in response to the lack of programs available to African-American youth, who are most at risk for dropping out of school, incarceration, and poverty. 

 Our program not only teaches the highly esteemed skill of horseback riding, but academic achievement and character building. Some of the academic areas we build upon are science, math, literacy, and cultural history.  Youth in our program also build discipline, self-esteem, and leadership, 

Our program serves as a safe haven away from the dangers of the streets, such as drugs, gangs, and poverty. Horseback riding naturally helps build coping mechanisms for the youth, in turn, youth gain respect for animals and nature, and eachother, building lifelong bonds. 


CJE envisions a community where more African-American students are achieving and thriving in academics, community building, and horseback riding. Youth in the community will have a competing equestrian team, and learn the business side of riding. In gaining knowledge, youth will practice stewardship of the environment and gain respect of animals. We will see a decrease in the amount of incarcerated, and an increase in high school and college graduates. We see more of our youth in the workforce and being engaged in the community. 

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