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Winter Break Session Fees
$100-$175 Sliding Scale
Tier A: $100
Tier B: $125
Tier C: $150
Tier D: $175
Must be approved to pay tiers based on income to provide equitable experience. 

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Pay Here After Approved for Tier and Enrollment is Confirmed


$50 -$250 per month depending on income and session ($50-$125 per lesson for English Riding Team)

  • Most families qualify for a reduced rate

  • See each program for cost details

  • Do not pay until you are accepted for enrollment and have completed the application (if you completed the new online application this year you do not need to complete another one unless information has changed)

  • Some class days may fall on holidays and program will be closed

  • These rates do not include the competitive team

  • no refunds


  • Application (link will be sent to you)

  • Most recent report card/progress report/transcripts (due upon enrollment and then each session afterward)

  • Prerequisite assignments via google classroom

  • Proof of income if you want to qualify for reduced rates. Acceptable documents are:

              -two most recent check stubs 


              -documentation from income assistance programs that shows the                             monthly income received (TANF, SS, etc)

Fitness & Behavior Requirements

  • 180 pound weight limit, as horses can only safely carry maximum 20% of their own body weight on their back

  • Must have physical ability and flexibility to mount horse, balance, dismount, and other riding skills independently

  • Must have the mental and emotional capability to listen and behave, act safely around horses, and follow directions and protocol as given by staff

What to bring

  • Bring a filled  reusable water bottle to each class that is filled with water (with water not juice, soda,  sports, etc.)

  • You must pack a healthy snack/lunch for your child. We do not allow junk food (avoid candy, chips, soda, cookies, etc) except on Thursdays

  • Long pants only

  • no shorts, dresses, skirts, baggy pants, or pants that are too tight

  • Boots


  • Riding boots or other waterproof boots with slight heel

  • Jeans, riding breeches or other long pants (no sweats )

  • Shirt (no sleeveless, crop top, see through or low cut tops)

  • Avoid jewelry (it can get caught on equipment and cause injury to rider)

  • Sun hat

Winter Season Attire

  • All the above plus

  • 2 or more jackets

  • Gloves

  • scarf

  • Beanie

  • leggings under pants is suggested, but not required


  • Must be completed for anyone who enters premises

  • Waivers must be completed for all participants and their household members

  • Child's waiver can only be signed by their parent/guardian

  • Child's waiver is included in their application, but all other people who enter facility must have waiver signed via our website here


Inclement weather may reduce time spent riding, but attendance is still required to ensure other core areas are covered and non mounted horse experience is gained. Is weather conditions are severe, class will likely be cancelled or shorted. 


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