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We are currently seeking adult volunteers to assist in the following areas:

1. Exercising, grooming, and stall cleaning
Monday-Sunday 7am-10am
-for at least an hour for whichever day you're available
-no horse experience necessary but must be willing to learn

2. Riding Coaches
 Monday-Wednesday 4pm-6pm
-either one, two, or all three days
-must have advanced and proven horse experience

Volunteers must:

1. Be willing to learn horsemanship and ranch care
2. Be able to work independently with the horses if volunteering for coaching
3. Volunteer at least once per week
4. Be fingerprinted
5. Complete volunteer application below, liability waiver, COVID waiver
6. Upload a copy of ID (state, license, school, or any similar photo identification)
7. Have fitness level to handle horses
8. Must be 18 or older
9. Follow all rules
10. check in with program manager each volunteer day and sign in on binder each day

                       SUBMIT APPLICATION HERE                               
There are sometimes exceptions for those without horse expeirence. Please inquire with our contact form here

Use the Volunteer Timesheet to keep track of hours via google classroom 
code: y274che

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