Executive Director/Riding Coach

Randall Hook

Director of Operations & Programming

Jamie Vance

Office Manager 

Franita Sexton

Agriculture Coordinator

Tamara Duncan

Tamara is our expert on all things gardening. She will be teaching the kids to be self-sustainable, about the environment and how to navigate and take care of their mental health.

Compton Cowboy

Keenan Abercrombia

He is a Compton cowboy who is very hardworking. He wears many hats and takes care of the ranch animals, garden. One day he's wearing a cowboy hat, the next a chef's hat, as you can find him catering events with his amazing chef skills. Very patient with the kids.

We appreciate all of our supporters but we would like to give a special shout out to the following:

Emerald ($10,000 and up)

Ariat International Inc

Diane Fiduccia

Gold ($5,000 and $9,999)

Silver ($1,000 and $4,999)

Alyson Beckman

Anne Epstein

Barry & Jennifer Croshwaithe
Bentley Enterprise

Burdick Thorne

Candice Bloom

Fallon Taylor Clinics, LLC

Huffman Creative
Lauren Ivester

Midnight Rider Inc

Macallagh McEvoy

Rion Morgenstern

Robot Films Company

Ryan Sleevi
Timothy Anderson

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