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Meet Our Team

Tamra Duncan

Agriculture Coordinator

Tamara is our expert on all things gardening. She will be teaching the kids to be self-sustainable, about the environment and how to navigate and take care of their mental health.


Keenan Abercrombia

Site Supervisor

He is a Compton cowboy who is very hardworking. He wears many hats and takes care of the ranch animals, garden. One day he's wearing a cowboy hat, the next a chef's hat, as you can find him catering events with his amazing chef skills. Very patient with the kids.


Anthony Harris

Ranch Manager


Randall Hook



Franita Sexton

Administrative Assistant


Eze Nywanyanwu

Program Coordinator


Jamie Vance



Victoria Faerber

Director/Trainer of Riders United (English Team)

RU was originally a separate corporation formed by Victoria Faerber, a dedicated and excellent trainer of Compton Jr. Posse. She has trained many riders who go on to compete and earn medals and championships. Her passion for youth, horses, and the vision of unity shine through in her work.

victoria faerber.jfif
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