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Field trips



You come to us

  • students  will watch riding demos, pet the horses, engage in games and activities, and learn about cowboy/equestrian culture
  • Preschool-12th grade (college youth please inquire)
  • youth will engage in our core areas
  • ideal for schools, home school groups, girl scouts, group play dates, etc
  • Field trips are only held Monday-Wednesday 8am-2pm

We come to you

  • Minimum 5 attendees 
  • discuss our program, some members of Compton Cowboys discuss their experience being a cowboy
  • small group mentorship for youth
  • equine science lesson if classroom size (anatomy, nutrition, behavior, etc)
  • Currently presentations are only being held Monday-Wednesday 8am-2pm (1 hour max)

    ideal for schools, organizations, etc
Or both!

option for a combination where we teach equine science lessons at your location 1-3 times per month for the academic part, and you visit for monthly trips (limited slots available)

ideal for those trying to learn horsemanship and agriculture on an ongoing basis and incorporate into your curriculum

1. Each person must submit a liability waiver

  • One must be completed for each person 

  • Waivers for minors  must be completed by legal parent/guardian for (not teacher or anyone else)

  • person in charge of the field trip will need to send a list of students full names, age, and parent guardians names to ensure forms are completed accurately 

  • waivers must be completed by self for adults. You may not complete on behalf of another adult

  • Waivers must be completed a minimum of 1 week prior to scheduled event

  • Be sure to email the name and ages of all students who will be attending, as well as names of adult chaperones/staff (no last minute add ons).

  • waivers not needed for presentations (CJE comes to you)

2. If riding, these criteria must be met, including weight, age, health, and behavior. Click here. There are other requirements which will be discussed according to your type of visit

3. We do charge a fee for field trips and presentations that aid our program. They are due 2 weeks in advance. There is a no refund policy unless the fault is our own. 
Field Trips-starting at $20 per person
Presentations-starting at just $100 (we do not bring our animals)

4. Must book at least 1-2 weeks in advance and have waivers and payments submitted at least 1 week prior to the trip. Field trips are generally 1.5 hrs long between the hours of 9am-12pm M-Th

5. Complete interest form below and someone will be in touch soon

6. Attire: Closed toed shoes (preferably boots), long pants (not baggy or too tight), shirt (no halters, crops, sleeveless)

7. Must bring a filled reusable water bottle (with each child's name labeled on theirs). Must have water (no juice, soda, etc due to outdoor activity and climate, proper hydration of water is required to participate)

Interest form

Which days are you interested in attending? (Field trips Tuesdays and Presentations Wednesdays)
Are you inquiring about a field trip or presentation?

Thank you! We look forward to getting in touch!